Monarch butterflies can have an aggressive side

While I’ve written stories about Monarch butterflies before, and I’m sure you’ve read or watched something about their amazing migration to Mexico, this story will touch on a much darker aspect of their lives: their uncontrollable aggression. As I lounged on my friend Dianne’s front yard watching the beautiful Monarch butterflies flying around, their orange […]

Swift swallows hard to capture on film

Is it fair for me to say that I have a favourite bird? I feel that every second article I write says some variation of “this is my favourite bird because of X,Y,Z.” Well, not this time. This week I’ll tell you about one of the most frustrating birds to take pictures of: the swallow. […]

Even ducklings face daily challenges

Does this classic kid’s song ring a bell? “Five little ducks went out to play, over the hill and far away, momma duck says, ‘quack quack quack’, but only four little ducks came back” In reality, at this point in the song momma duck is thinking about where her duckling went? While this song ends […]

Love is in the water

Over the last year I’ve been trying to figure out where my love of nature will take me in the years to come.  I still haven’t figured it out, but I have narrowed down a common point of interest: wildlife behaviour. The best part of this new focus is that it has renewed my interest […]

On the Wild Side: Red-tailed hawks return to the nest

SPRING IS here. Sure, we can feel the warmer weather, but can you hear the spring, too? If you listen closely, you might catch the tune of the first songbirds coming home (not to mention the “melodious” honk of the Canadian geese). In addition to the longer daylight hours and green shoots coming up in […]

Vultures integral to the ecosystem

Many birders have stood with me at the hawk watch, staring into the sky with hopes of seeing a hawk, falcon, or eagle. While these birds make regular appearances, there is one bird that you can always depend on: turkey vultures. On a recent day, the sky was full of them — more than usual. […]