The spirituality of gardening

“The best place to find God is in a garden,”  wrote George Bernard Shaw. The Green Thumbs gardening group at Beach United Church would definitely agree with this statement.   Gardens take many forms and a walk up and down the streets of the Beach attest to this. At Beach United Church the garden wraps […]

Open Doors: What’s new in end-of-life ceremonies?

In an intimate gathering at the Church of St. Aidan in the Beach earlier this month, I asked the audience this question: Have you ever been to a heartwarming end-of-life ceremony, one that you fondly remember, for the right reasons? As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, I help people create end-of-life ceremonies and officiate the event. I […]

Your chance to explore a piece of history

The Beach’s rich history will be on display during the City of Toronto’s Doors Open event, May 27 and 28th. The historic church of St. John the Baptist Norway and the adjacent cemetery will throw open their doors so visitors can discover the fascinating history of one of the East End’s oldest places of worship. […]

Open Doors: Interfaith Outreach Lunch reaches out

The Beach Interfaith Outreach Lunch Program has been operational for over 15 years, offering food and fellowship to any person in need. Founding coordinators Arie Nerman and Diane Thomas knew that even a community surrounded by opportunity and advantage had marginalized and disenfranchised individuals needing to be recognized. Arie, particularly, embraced the concept of making […]

Bridging the generational gap

The concept of an authentic “Open Doors” mandate is one that I know each church strives to achieve. Keeping the church on a path that makes our church relevant and continue to thrive in our community is always top of mind at Kingston Road United Church (KRUC). A big part of that is continuing to […]