Your chance to explore a piece of history

The Beach’s rich history will be on display during the City of Toronto’s Doors Open event, May 27 and 28th. The historic church of St. John the Baptist Norway and the adjacent cemetery will throw open their doors so visitors can discover the fascinating history of one of the East End’s oldest places of worship. […]

Open Doors: Interfaith Outreach Lunch reaches out

The Beach Interfaith Outreach Lunch Program has been operational for over 15 years, offering food and fellowship to any person in need. Founding coordinators Arie Nerman and Diane Thomas knew that even a community surrounded by opportunity and advantage had marginalized and disenfranchised individuals needing to be recognized. Arie, particularly, embraced the concept of making […]

Bridging the generational gap

The concept of an authentic “Open Doors” mandate is one that I know each church strives to achieve. Keeping the church on a path that makes our church relevant and continue to thrive in our community is always top of mind at Kingston Road United Church (KRUC). A big part of that is continuing to […]

Waverly Road Baptist Church

Open Doors: Waverly Road Baptist Church celebrates 125 years in the Beach

In 1891, a grocer on Queen Street named Philip Whitlock started a Sunday School for children in the back of his store, in what is now Whitlock’s restaurant. From these humble beginnings, Waverley Road Baptist Church was started. The church soon built its own building on Kenilworth Avenue south of Queen, which is now The […]

Community is key at Calvary

Hello, Beach Metro News readers. I’m the newly-minted pastor at Calvary Baptist Church. We are located at the corner of Main Street and Benlamond Avenue – I am sure that many of you have passed us in your travels. As you can imagine, being invited to be the new spiritual leader of such a longstanding […]

What is the nature of a blessing?

I am drawn again and again to the idea of blessing. It is a word that I often use to close an email message. Every time I type it there is a hesitancy, as I wonder if I am being presumptuous. Does it sound as if I am trying to bestow God’s blessings? A blessing […]

A little perspective goes a long way

Two inmates were laying on their bunks in their cell. The one on top remarked, “I don’t like being confined in this prison. Life is so unfair.” The inmate on the bottom responded, “We should change our perspective. We should think of this as more of a gated community!” When life is unfair, as it […]

Gardening as spiritual practice

Many of us at this time of year look at our gardens with a slight tinge of nostalgia. The plants are still gorgeous, but hey, we’re Canadians. We know that it’s October and winter is just around the corner. Some of us are already looking at seed catalogues, thinking about next spring, or wondering when […]

What are you nourishing yourself with?

Do you worry about what your kids are eating? Or what your own diet is like? We are currently sharing our home with a delightful two-year-old and her mother, and food plays a significant role in this little girl’s life. She loves goldfish crackers and grapes and yogurt – sometimes all together. She’d probably eat […]

Being really seen and heard

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission held its closing events in Ottawa from May 31 to June 3. In a completely unrelated event five years earlier, May 31, 2010, performance artist Marina Abramovic closed out her powerful exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, called Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present. Why place […]