Questions welcomed

A lot of people think Christianity does not welcome questions, and only offers pat answers.  In the opening pages of his book God is Not Great, the late Christopher Hitchens expresses how a lack of answers to his questions contributed to his rejection of the Christian beliefs he was being taught as a boy at […]

The human face of God

When I was in high school in Hamilton I took the bus to school. One spring as I walked to the bus stop, I passed a young woman sitting in a wheel chair in front of her house, on the other side of the street. Occasionally we would wave to one another, a tentative, small […]

Open Doors: A glimpse into Beach houses of worship

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the current president of Liberia and Africa’s first woman president, shares that wisdom in her memoir. Christmas is the season of remembering.  It is a time of remembering the loved ones who graced our lives but are physically no longer with us.  […]

What do you want for Christmas?

What do you want for Christmas? Seriously. Over the past week, I have been in awe of what is on offer. Starbucks is offering a coffee sampler with the heading “Create wonder. Share joy.” At the department store I was transfixed by a product line called Philosophy which offers “Hope in a jar” moisturizer and […]

Twinkle, twinkle little star inspires larger musings

Do you still remember that poem we learned as children?  It still enters my thinking as I gaze into the evening sky and see the bright stars. The ability to wonder is an amazing gift.  Recently at one of our Awana children’s club meetings, our children were asked to share their “wondering” by writing their […]

A fresh look at what it means to pray

“So pastor, can you teach us to pray?” “Reverend, you’re a priest, what can you tell me about prayer”. “Minister, I don’t think that I pray enough each day. How many minutes do you think that I should set aside?” These are real questions that people have asked me. Although it was probably more likely […]

A look inside Beaches Presbyterian Church

Beaches Presbyterian Church certainly doesn’t look like a church, however the moment that a person walks through its doors it certainly feels like home, a sacred space and a place where everyone is truly welcome, just as they are. Beaches is just off the beaten track of Queen Street East, a hidden gem on the […]

Becoming compañeros in Nicaragua

Companion – literally, one with whom you share your bread. Compañeros Inc. – A Canadian-Nicaraguan social enterprise, using private money for public good. During this past March break, a group of 16 from St. Aidan’s Church went to Managua, Nicaragua, to be compañeros with families living in an impoverished area of the city. We worked […]

Of stoplights and crosswalks

There are three things in life I abhor. I’m repulsed by mixed vegetables, particularly the mixes with the lima beans, peas, beans, corn and those little cubed carrots. They may look pretty, but to my palate they just don’t belong together. I can’t stand it when one of my guitar strings breaks, especially when I’m […]

Building humility and partnership

You may have seen in this paper in December a photo of a dilapidated shack outside St Aidan’s Church. The story accompanying it explained that it was put together by some of St Aidan’s youth, who are preparing to go to Nicaragua during their March break to participate in a building project in a poor […]