Fresh strawberries herald summer

I believe that the Canadian flag should be changed for July 1. Instead of the bright red maple leaf, a large succulent strawberry should be placed smack dab in the middle of the flag. Why? Because on Canada Day, without fail, there are the most divine juicy, red, sweet Ontario strawberries ready aplenty in the […]

Pulled pork for Father’s Day

When it comes to Father’s Day, I ask the expert, Dad himself, what he would enjoy for his special day. Nowadays, men are often the cooks in the family. They take a real interest in what is served and experiment with the most up-to-date recipes. Pulled pork is one of those requested items on current […]

Spend the summer in the raw

‘Cooking’ in the raw is a conflict of terms. But there is no conflict when it comes to ‘raw’ in the summer. In the raw means ease of preparation and use of fresh produce. The result: great taste, quality nutrition and tremendous variety. Of course, in the raw is the perfect term for salad, and […]

Victoria Day is picnic perfect

Queen Victoria’s Birthday is anticipated with great relish – not so much as a celebration of a birthday, but as a marker of the seasons, that first long weekend of the season when you have the whole glorious summer ahead. This is the time when cottagers make their initial trek northward to their dream on […]

A gift that gives more than once

Finally, a book which helps the medicine go down – with humour of course. Mairlyn Smith’s Healthy Starts Here! is a breath of fresh air. No fuddy-duddy business, simply information, as I said, with a spoonful of humour to make it digestible. Of course, the gorgeous photographs act like eye candy and get you salivating […]

The Main Menu: Rosy red and brown delicious

As I gaze out my windows to the garden, I can just see the distinctive spike of green leaf followed by the rosy pink stem of rhubarb, a true harbinger of spring. There is only one other taste unique to the season and you can feel it with the first warm sunny days after cool […]

Lemon is perfect for spring

When I think of spring, I think of lemon. Fresh, vibrant, crisp, tangy and  bright yellow, its sunny colour signifies life. It is the perfect flavour to welcome in this season, going well with spring greens, lamb, ham and poultry and certainly a must at the Easter feast. When it comes to dessert, lemon gives […]

A taste of Spain… in Ontario

It’s summer in our Ontario greenhouses with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers ready to harvest. These are the essential ingredients for this Spanish menu from Foodland Ontario. You can take a quick trip to Spain for dinner while enjoying the taste of fresh and locally grown food from Ontario. Romesco Sauce Originally a sauce for a […]

Let’s get back to our roots

These days, shopping for produce is an international experience. You can have anything you want from practically any country. Sadly, there is only a limited selection of produce from Canada. However, if you buy at an independent store, you have many more Canadian choices when it comes to fruits and vegetables because the big supermarket […]

Flapjacks… ou les crepes?

Pancakes are my ultimate comfort food. The memory of that warm, sweet smell from childhood haunts me still and brings back the vision of a plateful smothered in home-made brown sugar sauce flavoured with vanilla (a substitute for maple syrup), or corn syrup, which was far too sweet and syrupy for me. Of course the […]