Deja Views: An aerial look back at Kew Beach

By DAVID VAN DYKE This aerial photograph above showing the foot of Lee Avenue (provided by Herman Sahrmann) was taken in 1961. I imagine that in the photo below most Beachers are delighted to see abundantly more beach sand for their beloved dogs from the time depicted. Thank you Herman, for forwarding this amazing aerial […]

Deja Views: Boardwalk memories from 60 years ago

By DAVID VAN DYKE In the Sept. 22 issue of Beach Metro News, if you recall, I revisited a 60-year-old photo taken by Herman Sahrmann, of the Leuty Lifeguard Station. Herman was a young lifeguard at the then Toronto Harbour Police Sub Station. This incredible shot above showing the beach was taken from the mast […]

Deja Views: From Supreme Boutique to the Honey Bee

By David Van Dyke From dry cleaners to Chinese cuisine, you can be sure to find what you are looking for in the Beach. As government incrementally opens up smaller businesses on Queen Street East, I’m sure Beachers are looking forward to supporting them as we know they are a huge part of our unique […]

Deja Views: The Beach IGA in the 1980s remembered

By DAVID VAN DYKE Local photographer Chris Nicholls forwarded me this image of the IGA at Queen Street East and Lee Avenue with no specific date other than the early 1980s. I’m going out on a limb here and will say this photograph was shot in the month of October. Really, you’d think this grocery […]