5 minutes – 5 questions

Last issue I mentioned that it might be time to tinker with the questions that I ask, maybe come up with some that draw more out of our ‘askees.’ We brainstormed around the office, and came up with a whole list of new questions, some of which might get the askees into trouble if they […]

Everyone Has A Story To Tell

East Ender celebrates a century in style “As far as I’m concerned, it’s just another day.” Those were the words of Frank Arnold on Feb. 3 as he celebrated his 100th birthday with a large group of friends and family in his building on Coatsworth Crescent. Arnold was born in Toronto on Feb. 3, 1912 […]

Garth Clark: Beer, news, and politics make a fine mix

Well Jon, welcome back. When Carole announced her retirement I feared for the paper. She’d done such a good job making it relevant to the Beach community, I was concerned that whoever new came along wouldn’t have that same touch… those Beachy insights that came from living in the neighbourhood for as long as she […]

Gulf War influenced events of 1991

When 1991 began the First Gulf War was already underway.  On August 2, 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait, and Canada joined a 35-country, American-led coalition to liberate Kuwait. Yellow ribbons were tied to local trees in support of our troops. Security was beefed up at the R.C.Harris Filtration Plant for the duration of the war. Following […]

Deja Views

In 1901, the northwest corner of Silver Birch and Queen was the location of the Georgia Villa Inn. The inn was torn down in the 1950s.   A Red & White grocery store was built in its place. It once was a Loblaws and in 1990 the transition to a Valu-mart is what we have today. […]

History of Beach Metro News: 1990

If a tree falls in the Beach everybody hears it. Early in 1990 an inspection of willows along the boardwalk revealed that 32 had to be pruned and two would have to be axed.  At a March 21 public meeting at Adam Beck Community Centre, Regina Gudelis, the first woman arborist in the city’s Forestry […]

Deja Views

The view is looking northeast, at the corner of Southwood Drive/Main Street and Kingston Road. Demolition and construction had began to erect the Norm Houghton housing complex (run by Neighbourhood Link Support Services), which was completed in 1994. Directly across the street the iconic Dip’N’Sip coffee shop remains. Rumours are swirling that a developer is […]

5 minutes – 5 questions

For this installment of 5 Minutes – 5 Questions, I thought it might be interesting to hear what one of the Beach’s more popular business owners might say in response. I called Ed Francis, the owner of Ed’s Real Scoop, the popular ice cream shop at 2224 Queen St. Ed was a hard guy to […]

5 minutes – 5 questions

Happy New Year. For this first installment of 5 Minutes – 5 Questions for 2012, I thought it might be interesting to ask the questions of the two people who are marking this January with significant changes in their lives – and the life of Beach Metro News. Our editor Carole Stimmell is retiring after […]

Former Beach Metro board member remembers

Christmas is a time of festive gatherings, hopefully with people who boost ones morale by their very presence.  The newspaper’s Christmas parties for the staff and volunteer board always met that standard. Everyone dressed in their seasonal best and met  for an evening of fine dining and pleasant conversation. One year instead of going to […]