Everyone has a story to tell

Mark Denington may be a renovator by trade but he is a blues guitarist at heart. The Beach contractor spends his days taping drywall and nailing trim, but at night he sits down with his six-string Martin guitar and sings the blues. When Denington was growing up in Birch Cliff Heights, there was always music […]

5 minutes — 5 questions

One of our highly-valued volunteers –  our volunteers are all highly valued – Su Brown, who delivers on Oakcrest (and is a good friend of my friend Jennifer Iuzi) dropped into the office the other day. She just happened to mention that she enjoys this column, so I told her that was a good reason […]

Volunteers are Beach Metro’s greatest resource

Over the past 40 years, thousands of volunteers have passed through the ranks at Beach Metro News. Every issue, over 300 volunteers hit the streets to deliver 30,000 copies to most doors in the Beach, the Birchcliff Bluffs and East Danforth areas. Volunteers offer up their time for many different reasons; often, when someone has […]

History of Beach Metro News: 1993

The year 1993 was one of change for some local institutions and of efforts to preserve for others. At this newspaper the classified ads were the last holdout of an earlier technology. As the year started they were typeset then pasted in strips onto layout pages. By mid-year the roller and hot wax were abandoned, […]

Celebrate Water Week with Beach’s Water Brothers

They came bounding into the meeting dripping wet from the mix of rain and snow that was falling outside, but Alex and Tyler Mifflin were unperturbed. They are, after all, the ‘Water Brothers’. The Water Brothers is also the title of the boys’ new original documentary series which premieres March 19 at 7 p.m. on […]

Deja Views

Our beloved boardwalk has had many structural changes over the years. Sections of the path were elevated several feet above the beach as seen here at the bottom of Scarboro Beach Boulevard in 1952. Heaven help your ankle if you ever fell through a loose or water-logged board! Do you have an old photo of […]

History of Beach Metro News: 1992

In  March 1992 this paper celebrated its 20th birthday. Editor Joan Latimer reported at the AGM that the staff was putting out more 32-page issues – and doing it without tearing each other’s hair out. At deadline the office is like a zoo, she said, with a seemingly endless supply of advertisers lining up. She […]

Neighbours pitch in to help feral felines

A small group of neighbours on Neville Park Boulevard have joined together in their efforts to help deal with a group of feral cats living on their street. With donations from neighbours, discounted rates from a gracious veterinarian, advice from Toronto Cat Rescue and trapping assistance from a local veterinarian technician, eight of the nine […]