Deja Views

The first image (taken in 1984 for Beach Metro News) shows the footbridge connecting Williamson Road and Glen Manor Drive East. A century ago at this location, an earlier bridge spanned across Howard’s Pond, a private waterway and stream owned by Allan McLean Howard Sr. In 2007 the walkway was replaced with an arch bridge […]

Deja Views

What an incredible amount of debris was washed up on shore during a late winter storm in 1973. This view is the beach between Munro Park and Silver Birch Avenues, looking west. A special thanks to Eleanor and Bill Guest for providing this image taken by George Coates. Do you have an old photo you’d […]

Bill MacLean’s 5 minutes – 5 questions

For this final column of 2011, I talked to our newly-elected MP, Matthew Kellway via email from his busy office in the House of Commons in Ottawa. This is what he replied. 1. Your favourite place in the Beach? – “On the lake, in my kayak… it’s a real treat to walk my boat down […]

In 1988, Ward 9 became Beach Metro

One of the easiest ways to identify longtime locals is that they still refer to this paper as ‘The Ward 9’. And so it was until 1988 when there were two major changes at the newspaper. The first was a new name.  Municipal boundaries were rejigged, and the designation Ward 9 was transferred to the […]

Melinda’s best meals start here

Mairlyn Smith saved my bacon. Well, she saved my dinner, at least. Allow me to explain. I am not a great cook. I can manage to get a meal on the table, and I think my family would tell you it usually tastes good. But it lacks inventiveness, which is the hallmark of a great […]

Warm welcome takes chill Out of the Cold

It began amid controversy, but the Out of the Cold program at St. Aidan’s Anglican Church has been running very successfully since 2007, feeding and sheltering homeless people who might otherwise be sleeping on the streets. With the support of numerous volunteers, and Dixon Hall, the long-running service agency, St. Aidan’s Out of the Cold […]

Bill MacLean’s 5 minutes – 5 questions

The popularity of this column continues. Everyone I meet says how much fun they are having reading it – and answering the questions I pose to them. I recently cornered David Windrim, a retired Executive in Sales & Marketing for Bell Canada, founder of the Beach Triangle Association, and Past-President of the Board of Beach […]

1987: Beachers fight change to community

In 1987 Beachers were besieged by change. The  main topic in this newspaper was the rapid transformation underway in the  area especially on Queen Street. Symbolic of the angst and arbitrary changes was the chopping down of a 75- year-old maple on the front lawn of 1977 Queen (on the south side just west of […]

Deja Views

At the turn of  the 20th century for any civic holiday or celebration (such as the Queen’s birthday), Beachers would adorn their front porches and verandahs with flags and buntings. Such is the case in this archival photograph taken at the bottom of Balsam Avenue. A special thank you to Sonya Munro for providing this […]

The witch of Kippendavie rides her broom no more

Halloween on Kippendavie Avenue in the Beach will never be the same. The ‘witch’s house’ is boarded up, fenced off, and slated for demolition along with five other houses, to be replaced with a recently approved four-storey condominium property development. The witch’s house and its strange inhabitant who haunted my childhood dreams will soon be […]