The witch of Kippendavie rides her broom no more

Halloween on Kippendavie Avenue in the Beach will never be the same. The ‘witch’s house’ is boarded up, fenced off, and slated for demolition along with five other houses, to be replaced with a recently approved four-storey condominium property development. The witch’s house and its strange inhabitant who haunted my childhood dreams will soon be […]

Bill MacLean’s 5 minutes – 5 questions

Our 5 Minutes – 5 Questions spot is proving to be very popular. People have emailed me ( with their responses, and I think we may have to take it to a wider audience. While prowling the aisles of St. John’s Norway during the All Candidates Meeting back in September, I happened across Toronto Sun […]

Deja Views

Well, speaking personally, I must say that I’m a little overwhelmed by what these views on Wheeler Avenue reveal. Who could have foreseen such a transformation in three short years? They say change is good, and I must accept the fact that my son is growing into a fine young man.

History of Beach Metro News: 1986

When I look through the old issues of this paper to write its history, I marvel at how young and how thin everyone looks, including me. And so it was in 1986. At the AGM in June Barbara Phillips became president, Tom Howat vice president, Judy Campbell secretary and Kelvin Francis was in the early […]

Bill MacLean’s 5 Minutes – 5 Questions

Our 5 Minutes – 5 Questions spot is proving to be a very popular feature. People have emailed me ( with their responses – unsolicited – and I think we may have to take it to a wider audience. In the meantime I’ll continue with some of the responses I got while attending the All […]

History of Beach Metro News: 1985

It was 1985. The Ward 9 Community News was now 28 pages thick. This was the year the financial and distribution records were computerized. At the annual general meeting, the treasurer Gord James said that the paper was now on a solid financial base, and then announced his resignation as he was being transferred to […]

Deja Views

This view of 1133-1131 Woodbine Ave. was taken on VE day in May 1945. The bunting and flags celebrated the end of the war in Europe. The Union Jacks at 1131 were displayed by an English family whose father served in the British army. The Treadway family, who lived next door, were rejoicing over the […]