Ad revenue kept the paper running

Brenda Dow was the newspaper’s ad manager from 1979 to 1994. Here are some of her recollections of those early days. What a great job! Walking distance from home! Eight weeks off in summer and two weeks at Christmas and work in an exciting environment! After 17 years of stay-at-home motherhood, I was now employed […]

Deja Views

In the early 80s, a Beacher, trying to find a gift for their spouse’s second cousin’s birthday celebration, might have considered dropping in at Miracles. Proprietor, Norman Smith billed his business as “A wonderland store that has everything and something more.” This image was taken opposite Kew Gardens by Ann Patterson. Thank you Ann!

Bill MacLean’s 5 minutes – 5 questions

We thought it might be a fun way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Beach Metro News by asking various Beachers a few quick questions about themselves. Nothing too revealing. Nothing too complicated. Nothing that would really make them think too hard (this is supposed to be fun after all!) These questions would present our […]

Deja Views

The Woodbine ‘Bend’ or extension was built over 10 years, from 1955 to 1965. Wrapping around the southeast side of the old racetrack, it links Woodbine to Lakeshore Boulevard. Do you have an old photo you’d like to share? Please call me at 416-691-4774.

Twins battle for building laurels

Dan and Nikki Hall have a lot in common. And perhaps it’s only to be expected. After all, they are twins and both have a passion for renovating. That’s why, over a dinner one night, when they started talking about their plans to each construct a new home, a friend in the reality TV business […]

Deja Views

The archival photograph was taken in the late summer of 1972.  To the left of the streetcar is the tail end of the Glen Stewart Ravine, which we now know as Ivan Forrest Gardens. The park was named after Beach resident Ivan Bruce Forrest who was the city’s Commissioner of Parks and Recreation for most […]

Deja Views: Sept. 6, 2011

For many Beachers, a ‘For Sale’ sign on a large property with a dilapidated house means pay dirt for developers. The old home would inevitably be torn down and replaced with two or more telephone booth-like structures.  But happily this is not the case on Lee Avenue. One of a few complete wooden houses built […]