Letters: Clean up our streets, clean up our attitudes

Let’s take pride in the appearance of our community. Whether young or old, student or worker, shopkeeper or resident, please place trash in the numerous garbage containers along Kingston Road and on the side streets. We can all do a better job at keeping this neighborhood clean. It takes proper attitude and little effort. Susan […]

Letters: Bike lanes, bike lanes, bike lanes!

Change isn’t always good Stephen Wickens has written a thoughtful column regarding bike lanes (“Bike-lane debate comes full cycle”, Sept. 5, 2017). As a cyclist, I value bike lanes. However, I also walk, use public transit and drive. Many or even most families use a mix of transportation modes. I disagree with the premise that […]

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 5, 2017

Rentals make it easier for all to enjoy the water I just finished reading, “Letters To The Editor”, in your Aug. 22 issue of Beach Metro News. I am sure this topic is exhausted, but I wanted to add my two cents. We are so thankful that the new paddleboard and kayak rental services are […]

Letters to the editor, Aug. 22, 2017

Public land used for private profit is cause for alarm The use of public land for private profit is a growing concern in the Beach. Tuggs Inc.’s contract [for land-use around the eastern beaches] is a long-standing issue, with the company’s permanent buildings bolstered by the addition of trailers, pop-up beer gardens and permitted hot […]

Letter: Support for permit parking

I support the permit parking on streets.  I live on Dundas Street East but am not able to park in front of my own home because of the 3-hour limit. Yet, many of my neighbours park for free on this stretch, taking the chance of the $30 ticket once every six months. I pay for […]

Letter: On parking

It was inappropriate and unfair for Ward 32 Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon to arbitrarily impose permit parking without consulting the residents of the designated streets first. (“Permit parking rules divide residents”, June 13) Consultation is standard protocol for parking changes and the councillor ignored it. The residents of Ward 32 elected her to represent their interests […]

Letter: Residents group needed

The proposed reforms to the OMB are good news – news that only a year or two ago I had not expected to see so soon. I also attended the OMB Review meeting last December and made a submission with suggestions close to what is being proposed. The proposed new rules will take time to […]