Letter: Gardens were better than grey

Now that the Kew Gardens restoration is over, I feel the need to comment. We have lost two lovely garden beds which welcomed us to the rest of the park. In its place we have gray concrete pavers and an eyesore black matte arch which impedes any view of the park from Queen Street. It […]

Letter: New gate an unwelcome obstruction

I totally agree with letter-writer Lee Gold (“New ‘gate’ in Kew spoils the view”, April 18). Every time I pass this ‘gate’ I ask, Why? The structure in itself is not even an attractive piece, but why spoil our view while we walk past the park, the beautiful view onto all the trees, grass and […]

Letter: No room for boisterous buskers

The Beach is a wonderful place to live and we love that folks from all over the city and beyond are able to share our neighbourhood. However, the popularity of the area comes with its problems. Case in point, we live on Lee Avenue and spent almost all last summer trying to rid ourselves of […]

Letter: Why shouldn’t we favour local?

After reading the article about the empty storefronts on Queen Street East (March 21), I realized that one factor had not been mentioned. After the condos were built west of Queen and Lee, Shoppers Drug Mart, the liquor store, and Tim Hortons all moved west. One comment in the article said that locals tended to […]

Letter: Let there be leashes

Spring is here and we’re all coming out of hibernation along with our furry friends. Migratory birds are visiting, waterfowl and mammals are building nests for their young, and our vegetation is coming back. This is a time to give our flora and fauna space to flourish and multiply, so that we can all see […]

In Memoriam: Bob Fraser

Beloved Beacher and WWII veteran Bob Fraser, who lived for over nine decades at his home on Silver Birch Avenue, passed away April 17 at the age of 92. Known for his paintings of every day life in the Beach, Fraser was recognized in 2015 when a laneway near his home was named after him. […]