In My Opinion: Federal government to extend Canada Recovery Benefit program for those impacted by COVID-19 restrictions

By NATHANIEL ERSKINE-SMITH As our federal government continues to be seized with the pandemic response, we’ve also taken steps forward on many other important issues, including climate action, gun control, criminal justice reform, and reconciliation. As health restrictions continue, we will extend the Canada Recovery Benefit by 12 weeks, and adjust CERB repayment rules to […]

Community has welcomed Limon restaurant to the Beach

By ALEXANDROS VAROUTAS When Jonathan and Benjamin Mishaev opened their restaurant Limon on Queen Street East in the Beach, it was October of 2020 and the city was preparing to take its first plunge into cold weather and more COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. It was a scary time for any restaurant, let alone a new one. […]

Beaches-East York MPP Berns-McGown served notice of pending litigation over comments about landlord’s dealings with tenants

By ALI RAZA, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter Beaches-East York MPP Rima Berns-McGown has received a notice of pending litigation from Ranee Management’s lawyers for her recent Tweets and comments. She was sent the notice on Feb. 17 in a letter by lawyers representing the property management company requesting her to delete Twitter posts, and “agree […]